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Celtic Trail

Celtic Trail

   July 8, 2023
36 km - 1.700 m D+

Following the footsteps of Etruscans and Celts in the Idice Valley

The Consul Caio Flaminio built the ancient Roman road Flaminia Militare in 187 BC to join Bologna to Arezzo.


But before then?


The Monte Bibele area represents the most important Italian archaeological complex, and one of the most important in Europe, as far as the Celtic civilization is concerned.

The Archaeological Museum of Monterenzio reconstructs the history of the presence of man in the Bolognese Apennines, especially in the Idice and Zena valleys, from the earliest evidence of the stone age to the Roman age.


We will walk these territories, from Monte Bibele to Monterenzio, immersed in Nature and History.


The competition will take place within the Celtic Culture Festival

"I Fuochi di Tranis".

In collaboration with:

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