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The 2022 edition of the Ultra-Trail® Via degli dei has been canceled. The introduction of the regulations relating to the strengthened Green Pass in the organization of sports competitions led to a defection of 30% of the forces involved in the event, both as regards the managers of the operational areas and as regards volunteers. Considering this matter the Management  considered it appropriate not to proceed with the organization of the event; this lack of personnel would leave areas of control uncovered, some of extreme importance for the  activation of rescue in case of athletes' difficulties, as well as other aspects of less importance but which still contribute to the success of the event. In the next few days, all registered athletes will receive an email with details of the registration reimbursement (90% of the fee) or quota transfer operations for the 2023 edition.



The Apennines Mountains hide a millennial history.

Etruscans, Celts and Romans lived in these places, leaving traces still visible in the eyes of who willing to appreciate such beauties.

Unique Trail Running races to trample the History.

After Etruscans and Romans, now it's up to you to retrace these ancient paths!


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