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Become a VOLUNTEER for the Ultra Trail Via degli Dei (Trail of Gods)

Your participation as a volunteer is crucial for the successful organization of these races that will take place over the Appennine Monuntains, departing from Bologna and arriving in Fiesole (Florence), along the ancient Roman road called the "Trail of Gods".


If you want to be part of our team please fill the form you find here.


We need volunteers JUST LIKE YOU, willing to be part of a team to manage the following areas:



HEADQUARTERS (Bologna and Fiesole)


  • Working for the whole duration of the race, able to manage in real time all emergencies.



LOGISTICS (From Bologna to Fiesole)


  • Supply services and items control, setting up and dismantling materials on the route, departing / arriving, Expo;

  • Supply and management of refreshments;

  • Management of participants' bag transport;

  • Collection, storage and delivery participants' bags;

  • Packaging race bundles;

  • Provisioning services to volunteers;

  • Managing the pasta party in Fiesole.



TRAIL (From Bologna to Fiesole)


  • Control access and time check points;

  • Withdrawn runners service;

  • Mountainbike (MTB) service;

  • Refreshments service.



REGISTRATIONS (Bologna and Monte di Fò Headquarters)


  • Purchases;

  • Manage the lists of participants;

  • Check compliance with the rules;

  • Pre-race control of backpacks;

  • Medical certificate control;

  • Distribute race numbers and race packages.


CEREMONY (Bologna and Fiesole)


  • Distribution of prizes;

  • Race officials;

  • Race opening and closing ceremony.



Each volunteer will receive the following free items:


  • Official T-shirt;

  • Food pack;

  • Lunch / dinner pack.

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