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Flaminia Militare Trail

Flaminia Militare Trail

May 6, 2023
55 km - 2.000 m D+

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From Fiesole to Felsina, the Etruscans walked this path in order to develop their trade and extend their domain on the Po Valley for at least four centuries (VII-IV cent. BC). 

It was then that the Romans, having founded the colony of Bononia in 189 BC, felt the need to ensure a connection  to Arezzo and Rome passing through the Apennines and they built, along the Etruscan trail, a real road called “Flaminia Militare”. 

The Flaminia Militare Trail mainly follows these ancient tracks and between Mount Bastione and Mount of Fò, passes next to some fine pavements of the roman road, now rediscovered.

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From Passo della Futa to Fiesole along the ancient roman road Flaminia Militare 

The Way of Gods retraces the ancient roman road Flaminia Militare, built in 187 BC from Consul Caio Flaminio to connect Bologna to Arezzo.

The Flaminia Militare Trail runs along the 55km (34 miles) and 2000m D + of the Tuscan stretch, from Passo della Futa to Fiesole, full immersed in Nature and History.

After Etruscans and Romans, now it's up to you to retrace these ancient paths!